Lora Keddie

Spirit Talk Group Reading Ticket - August 5, 2021

Bring a friend or make a friend as each attendee gets an opportunity in a group to hear guidance from their Spirit Guides. 
We each have a team of spirit helpers, and this team is willing to offer guidance. This event is a great opportunity to gain a little insight into how spirits can offer you information to questions you have or help guide you on the path of purpose, health, and happiness. Depending on the number of attendees, this class will last 2+ hours. Each person can bring a specific question or just ask the spirits to share what they feel that person needs to hear. Lora will be the “voice” for your spirit team, sharing their answers and guidance. All attendees will hear each other’s messages (Spirits and Lora are both conscious of what information can be shared in this group setting). It’s a great time to connect with the spirit world, spend time with friends and meet new people! Limit 8 people. Cost: $48.00 per person. Hosted at The Kitchen at Keddie Farms, in Aurora, Oregon. We'll be outside at the fire pit if the weather allows, indoors if it's too hot or cold. Directions will be emailed to paid attendees a few days before the event.
If you want to create your own group of 6 or more people for a group reading or book a private 1.5-hour reading, please email info@lorakeddie.com

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